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‘Pakistan to welcome foreign observers for election coverage’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will welcome international election observers to observe the election 2018 in the country, the Election Commission of Pakistan decides.

The ECP meeting to discuss all matters pertaining to the elections was held in Islamabad on Monday with its Secretary Babar Fateh Yaqoob Mohammad in the chair.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Foreign Ministry, Interior Ministry, FBR and security institutions.

According to an ECP spokesperson, all institutions have been directed to process the visa requests of international observers without delay so that they could reach the country in time.

In consultation with all institutions, the duration of visas for foreign election observers will be limited from four to six weeks, and during this period observers will be able to observe election process, counting of votes at polling stations, and consolidation of results.

A week ago, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has also issued a 14-point code of conduct for foreign observers in the upcoming general elections to be held on July 25.

According to rules issued by the ECP, no person would be permitted to observe election process unless he/she presents accreditation card issued by ECP or its authorized officer.

Officials are required to display their official identification badges issued by ECP and must present it to election officials and security officials when requested.

However, latest reports suggest that the ECP is revising the code of conduct for foreign observers and it’s in the final stages.



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