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Pakistan witnesses first penumbral lunar eclipse of 2017

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan witnessed the first penumbral lunar eclipse of the year in the wee hours of Saturday. 

The partial lunar eclipse started at 03.43 AM local time. It peaked at 5:44 AM and continued till 07.53 AM.

According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the lunar eclipse will be seen in Europe, Africa, western Asia and South America.

The penumbral eclipse will also be visible in the evening from the Caribbean and eastern South America. In Europe and Africa, it happens in the middle of the night with the moon high in the sky.

The lunar eclipse takes place when the earth comes in between the sun and moon while revolving around it. The reflection of the earth hits the moon which makes it descend into darkness.

Penumbral eclipses occur when only the outer shadow of Earth falls on the moon’s surface. It should be noted that the second lunar eclipse of the year will take place on between the night of 7th and 8th August.

The first solar eclipse of year will also take place on 26th February 2017 whereas the second is scheduled to take place on 21st August 2017.



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