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Pakistan trashes Indian propaganda regarding Obama visit

The Indian media ahead of Obama’s visit to the republic said that the US had demanded Pakistan to take effective measure to avoid any cross-border violation or a terror attack.

“The Indian media has a tendency to exaggerate and make up things,” Jilani said in an interview.

The Ambassador said that the report is ridiculous as it suggests that Pakistan can opt for such acts before and after the US President’s visit.

Jilani claimed that the fact is that US Secretary of State John Kerry on his recently concluded visit to Pakistan appreciated the steps taken by Pakistan against terrorism and extremism.”

Indian media after airing the baseless news item also claimed that after receiving the warning Pakistan assured the US that no such activity will take place.

Obama will visit India on January 26 , 2015. His schedule also includes attending the Republic Day parade in New Delhi.

It must be noted that the US president does not spend more than 45 minutes in an open space while the parade ceremony will take more than two hours.

The report by Indian News Agency



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