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Pakistan urges prevention of biochemical arms from going into wrong hands

UNITED NATIONS: Sharing a global concern over the danger of lethal weapons falling into wrong hands, Pakistan has urged tangible steps to bar non-state actors and terror groups from obtaining and using chemical and biological weapons.

Speaking on the floor of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly’s Disarmament and International Security Committee, Pakistan’s Ambassador Tehmina Janjua believed the key tools to prevent non-state actors from acquiring; producing and using chemical and biological weapons included national physical protection efforts, international assistance and capacity building.

While participating in a debate over weapons of mass destruction, the ambassador – Pakistan’s permanent envoy to the UN in Geneva – said Pakistan had supported the Russian proposal for a Biochemical Terrorism Convention.

She said Pakistan condemns the use of harmful lethal weapons by anyone or anywhere, and welcomed milestones achieved in the destruction of Syrian and Libyan chemical weapons.

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“We remain committed to the full and effective implementation of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC),’ she said and added, “We attach high priority to the Convention’s provisions relating to international cooperation and assistance as well as peaceful uses of chemical technology.”

Janjua said, “Our [Pakistan] robust export control regime imbibes the best international standards.”

She said Pakistan continued to conduct basic and advanced regional and global assistance and protection courses.

“As a mainstream partner in the global non-proliferation regime, Pakistan has elaborated and implemented an export control regime that is comprehensive and fully harmonised with international standards,” the ambassador said.

She added, “Our [Pakistan] comprehensive export control regime and its effective implementation has been recognised and appreciated by our partners.”



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