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Pakistan warns India over violating Indus Water Treaty

Mr. Aziz was speaking in National Assembly in response to a calling attention notice.

He said India feels much pressure due to our diplomatic onslaught and raising voice on grave human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir and supporting the right to self determination for Kashmiri people in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions.

The Advisor explained the provisions of Indus Water Treaty and said as per sub provision 3 and 4 of provisions of article 12 of IWT the treaty cannot be altered or revoked unilaterally.

He said the treaty shall continue to be in force until modified by both the countries after an understanding.

Pakistan at UN tells India to stop ‘state terror’ in Kashmir

This treaty is for an indefinite period and is a binding.

Moreover there is also an arbitration mechanism provided in Indus Water Treaty to resolve the disputes within its mechanism.

He said according to international law and provisions of IWT India cannot unilaterally revoke the treaty as it will not only undermine India’s international standing but also pertain to considerable risk of war and hostilities.

Such an Indian act may also provide China with a justification to consider suspension of water of Indian river Brahmaputra.

India has already damaged its credentials by even considering revocation of IWT and disrupting water flow into Pakistan.

Answering a question he said the government is preparing a comprehensive dossier on Kulboshan Yadev and Indian interference in Balochistan as well as its operations through Afghanistan.

We shall expose India at the UNSC and before the international community.



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