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Pakistani actress expresses disappointment towards Bollywood

We’ve heard about Pakistani actresses and actors who have crossed the border and sought meaty roles in the Indian film industry. However, not all of them are particularly thrilled at the prospect of working in the Indian film industry and one of them has criticized it. Pakistani actress Armeena Khan, who made her acting debut in Bollywood, said that she was ‘disappointed in Bollywood’.

“People don’t realise that I actually worked in Bollywood before (working in) Pakistan. Normally, it is the other way around, with actors making the transition from Pakistan to Bollywood. But I am worried about Bollywood,” said the Pakistani actress, who also stars in the Pakistani film Bin Roye.

“Films should reflect the societies they emanate from as well as their audiences” and “inspire you to be more than you thought you could be”,the actress said. She felt that Bollywood, it seems, had become all about ‘masala and sex’.

“India is more than this. Where is the philosophy, history, the dreams and the richness of India and its people. “I hope Bollywood can start to encompass these facets, and that is the Bollywood I would want to be part of,” she added.

“But there are consequences. As a result, we are seeing that Bollywood is not only at odds with the hopes and aspirations of right-minded Indian women but also the rich heritage and culture of Indian society,” she said.

“India is more than this. Where is the philosophy, history, the dreams and the richness of India and its people?”

Nice to see that a Bollywood actress has the gall to criticize the industry and star in Pakistani films as well. Armeena Khan does have a point, nowadays Bollywood films have started to focus more on sex, rather than history or philosophy or content. With the advent of item songs and kissing scenes, Bollywood films have changed in a drastic way.

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