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Pakistani actress Fatima Effendi says no to Bollywood film because of bold scene

Bollywood’s famous director Anees Bazmee called Fatima Effendee to discuss a horror film with her and the character she would be required to play in the film. Discussing details about the cast and plot of the film, Anees informed Fatima that she would be required to do a bold scene in the horror film. Fatima rejected the film proposal from Bazmee, stating that she would never do a project which causes her country disrepute and puts her family to shame. She also stated that her family’s respect meant more than starring in Bollywood films.

Speaking to a local newspaper, Fatima also disclosed that she was being offered roles in both Pakistani and Indian films however, acting in a feature film was quite different from acting in a television series. She also said that her family had never refrained her from pursuing a career in showbiz yet she was aware of the limits that she was expected not to cross.

She further informed that a few days ago, Indian director Anees Bazmee had contacted her via phone call and appreciated her drama serials and her acting in them. He had offered her a role in his upcoming film, to which naturally, she inquired about the film plot and her character details. After hearing about the bold scene which would be required from Fatima Effendi and the film’s plot, the Pakistani actress stated that she frankly said no to the movie.

She also said that she was in showbiz but she regarded her mode of dressing with the same caution as with the film roles she chose.

Anees Bazmee has directed Bollywood movies Mujhse Shaadi Krogy, Singh is King and Ready.



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