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This Pakistani adventure cook enjoys cooking in the wild

Preparing simple meals in your home’s kitchen with all the necessary equipment might be a daunting task for some but this Pakistani adventure chef likes to cook in the wild during travelling. 

Hailing from Islamabad, Ahsan Arshad is known for cooking different cuisines outdoors—desi food, Italian and Chinese dishes as well as fast food.

The self-taught adventure chef is a computer scientist. He made an appearance on Bakhabar Savera and shared what drives him to cook scrumptious meals in the mountains despite the lack of usual facilities and services.

“I have always been fond of cooking which eventually evolved into adventure cooking. I do cook at home but now my focus is on the latter which I’m currently pursuing as a profession,” he said.

Ahsan has his own Instagram blog and YouTube channel where he shares photos and videos of his cooking adventure with the world.

He shared that there’s a huge difference between the kitchen environment and an outdoor environment in the way gas is used for cooking in the kitchen where as mostly wood is used in the wild.

The taste also varies “Food cooked on wood or coal tastes better and authentic.”

Meanwhile, a lot of people can make desi food such as Karahi or have barbeque outdoors, Ehsan also experiments with fast food. He is known for his burgers on social media. “For me, its quite easy to make burgers in the wild atleast because I have made it a couple of times.”

Although the cooking process is slow for example; he tried his hands on cooking burger patties on a hot stone but the taste is unique, Ahsan explained.

About disposing off waste responsibly, he said it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the environment clean. When it comes to adventure cooking, “One must take things which doesn’t need to be disposed. There are multi-purpose cooking tools and utensils available in the market.”

Ahsan hasn’t started making desserts yet in the wild but “cheese cake” will be the first one he will try.



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