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Pakistani-American actor Haider Rifaat to star in ‘The Murder Of Marilyn Monroe’

The new documentary film, ‘The Murder of Marilyn Monroe’ will be released next month, on June 1st, 2015 on YouTube and Vimeo for an exclusive premiere. The actor has directed, produced, written and solely worked on this documentary, hence all credit goes to him.

The half hour documentary film centers on Marilyn Monroe, a starlet who committed suicide at the age of 36. The cause of her death is still subject to conjecture and conspiracy. But is that all to her story? In ‘The Murder of Marilyn Monroe’, Haider Rifaat plays a private investigator, Hayden Misha who unwillingly decides to pursue Monroe’s highly controversial case.

Watch the film trailer on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/120350579

The film’s budget is nil, as the entire production has been carried out by Haider himself. Nonetheless, the trailer for the film does not look bad at all. It is a must watch for those individuals who have a thing for thriller and drama movies.

Prior to this project, Haider starred as the lead in his own web series ‘Paranormal Activities: Exorcism’ that was made available on the web last year on December. Additionally, the actor has created several video projects and has rendered voiceovers for them as well.

‘The Murder of Marilyn Monroe’ will be released on Marilyn Monroe’s 53rd birthday, that is June, 1st, 2015. So stay tuned for the whole package! It’s only a matter of few days.



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