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Pakistani brand Firdaus hires Beren Saat

The Turkish beauty has been selected, according to reports, to represent and be the face of Firdous in the Middle East. The move is an intelligent one as Beren, who played the lovely Bihter in Ishq-e-Mamnu has an international appeal, Pakistan including. Ishq-e-Mamnu was one of the most popular dramas in Pakistan and aired during the prime time. It’s spectacular success and reception among the Pakistani audiences raised protests from local stars who felt threatened that their appeal was declining in the face of Turkish drama competition.

Firdous has in the past appointed international models to boost its sales and market its image. The lovely actresses of Bollywood such as Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor have elegantly shown off the Firdous dresses. It will indeed be a moment of pride and joy for the Pakistani cloth mill Firdaus to feature an international icon such as Beren Saat, who not only has a huge fan following in Turkey, but in Middle East, Europe and Asia as well. Firdaus is likely to benefit a lot from their upcoming advertisements featuring the actress.

Beren Saat shot to fame in Pakistan when she was seen across the screens in the character of Bihter, a Turkish wife in contemporary times who was married to a wealthy businessman Adnan. Her father had committed suicide upon finding out Bihter’s mother had cheated on him. Bihter does not love Adnan but marries him anyway and starts living with him. Also living in their house is the handsome playboy Behlul, a distant relative of Adnan. Behlul has lots of women vying for his attention yet he falls for Bihter. Bihter, in turn is mesmerized by Behlul’s good looks and also starts loving him. The two begin an affair but Behlul is not strong enough to discuss their secret affair openly.

In Pakistan, the show series became a hit and secured the highest TRP during its run. Whilst many females in Pakistan went crazy for Behlul, it was Bihter’s beauty and grace that also many local women admired. An excellent choice by Firdaus indeed to approach Beren Saat as their brand ambassador!



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