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Pakistani celebrities react to Priyanka Chopra’s ‘warmongering’ remarks

Bollywood actor and UN Goodwill ambassador Priyanka Chorpa received a lot of backlash lately after she was called out by a Pakistani woman over supporting war through a tweet. 

Pakistani celebrities responded to how problematic the former Miss World’s response was to the question posed by Ayesha Malik at a BeautyCon. Malik called her a ‘hypocrite’ for her warmongering remarks post Pulwama attack when tensions between the two neighbouring countries, Pakistan and India, were high.

Here’s what our celebrities had to say:

Kubra Khan

The actress reminded Bollywood’s global icon that being patriotic is one thing but we’re humans first. “Middle Ground when thousands of innocent people ( including children ) are being butchered daily?! Yeah. No. Sorry, No middle grounds here Miss Goodwill ambassador. Being Patriotic is one thing but We’re humans first. Lets not forget that. ,” she wrote.

Gohar Rasheed

Taking to Twitter, he slammed the Baywatch actress for promoting war-sentiment in the name of patriotism and said he is proud of his country’s artists who choose diplomatic middle grounds over humanity. His tweet reads “Seriously #PriyankaChopra is that the best you can come up with? Does patriotism mean that if Indian PM provokes a war sentiment you will encourage it by saying Jai Hind? So what’s happening in #Kashmir is fine with you because you are patriotic?”

This is not what you call walking on a middle ground it’s a choice it’s a mindset. Today I am so proud that I belong to a country where people and their artists don’t choose diplomatic middle grounds over humanity,” the actor said in another tweet. 

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Mansha Pasha

The actress pointed out that some people do not practice what they preach. “In fact they can be extremely manipulative & dismissive of others. They chose a brand of feminism that favours them, using it to garner praise rather than as a way to live life. #priyankachopra showed how much of a feminist she really is when she ridiculed #AyeshaMalik,” she wrote. 

Meanwhile, Armeena Rana Khan wrote a letter to UN requesting it remove Priyanka Chopra as UNICEF’s Goodwill ambassador because she doesn’t represent the organisation’s core values.



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