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Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan will make a dress for Rihanna

He’s been approached by none other than Rihanna’s stylist to make a dress for her. Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan seems to be on a career high these days, as his dresses and designs are making a mark in international events.

The prospect of designing a dress for Grammy award winning songstress Rihanna is a big deal for the Pakistani artist. Ali recently showcased his high-end eye wear at Fashion Parade London, which was admired by Rihanna’s stylist. Monochrome floral prints fused with rich gold embellishments and paired with extravagant eye wear were a feast for the eyes.

Twitter was also abuzz with the news and many Pakistanis tweeted their happiness at the prospect of Ali designing for Rihanna:-

Kudos to Ali Xeeshan for making his mark internationally and attracting none other than Rihanna’s eye, a musician known for her keen dressing sense and stylish persona. Pakistani fashion designers, take note!



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