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Why Pakistani drama serials are better than their Indian counterparts!

1. Actually, less is more!

Whereas Indian drama serials drag and stretch on a drama serial to no end, a Pakistani show series starts and ends after a duration measuring an average stint. Months later, you see a new drama, with a new cast and plot whereas an Indian drama keeps on unraveling for years on end!

2. Overacting hazards: please take note!

Actors from the Pakistani drama serials act naturally and to the point. However, in an Indian drama serial, frequent neck jerks and over-diluted pupils spoil the fun. There are other reactions to dismal news other than heart attacks too, you know!

3. Indian serials direly need night suits!

Indians never get the concept of being natural and keeping things realistic! Even their actors and actresses, when sleeping, are pictured in heavily embroidered clothes or lavish clothing. Word to Indian drama serials:night suits won’t do you much harm, either!

4. India’s obsession with religion!

Idol worship, religious festivals and what-not! Pakistani dramas tend to not sensationalize or highlight religion whereas Indian dramas portray idol worship and Hindu customs in almost every single frame!

5. Dialogues are the worst!

Complicated Hindi, unique poetry and prose dominate Indian dramas like nothing else. Whereas in a Pakistani drama, the dialogues cater to everyday conversation and situations. A conversation between a husband and wife or casual jibes between a trio of friends, they will make you believe it!

6. The ‘dhain dhain dhain dhain’ effect!

It’s often best to leave dramatic events, a bolt from the blue news or any groundbreaking discovery to the actor’s facial expressions! The heavy drum sounds sounding the arrival of the intense moment kind of ruins it for all of us!

7. We keep materialism at bay!

Yes, Pakistani dramas might feature lavish bungalows or a lofty lifestyle but that fits according to every situation in every storyline. Almost every Indian drama serial environment looks like the set of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film set! What happened to the good old days of romance in realistic surroundings such as colleges, parks or malls?

8. We highlight social issues time and again as well!

Pakistani dramas have a knack of highlighting social issues and addressing stereotypes every now and then. Who wants to watch endless Saas-Bahu fights with neither side throwing in the towel, for years on end?

9. Action sequences aren’t a must in every situation!

A heated argument doesn’t always have to end in a physical altercation , you know! Neither is it believable to watch one person beat up more than half a dozen ruffians. Even Sylvester Stallone would have his hands full after being outnumbered like that!

10. Tone it down with the makeup, please!

There’s no reason to color your lips red hot or whiten your face to perfection if you’re having a casual conversation on the phone! Indian dramas need to tone it down as far as the get-up of their artists are concerned. It’s easy to see through facades nowadays, even through layers of unending makeup!




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