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Pakistani entrepreneur avenges Shiv Sena by offering free meals, donuts to visiting Indians

A couple of days ago, story of a Karachi family flashed across Pakistani media after they were denied accommodation in Mumbai despite visiting 40 hotels.

Iqbal Lateef, who owns over 20 franchises of Dunkin Donuts in Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar, stepped forth in a bid to make the world aware of how the people in Pakistan greet their neighbors.

The man, within hours after the Pakistani family was denied accommodation, had banners displayed at his outlets that offered free meals to all Indians visiting Pakistan on a short-term visa.

“Free Meal and a Donut as a goodwill gesture”, read the message on the banners, “to promote harmony, peace, understanding and love between two neighbors”.

The banners carry both Pakistani and Indian flags as well.

Lateef said that he felt bad witnessing the Pakistani family spending night on a footpath in Mumbai, adding, “The offer is no big deal, but an effort to remind the teachings of Gandhiji that preached of love and coexistence”.

The initiative was widely appreciated, while the outlets served free meals to over 2000 people in three cities, with all of them loving it.

The entrepreneur said his sales also boosted recording 30 per cent increase.

Iqbal Lateef said that we feel honored while hosting our Indian friends.



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