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‘Pakistani hackers’ allegedly take down Indian airport website: report

KERALA: Pakistani hackers on Wednesday hacked a server containing 148 domains of Indian airport websites including Cochin (major port city on the south-west coast of India) and Trivandrum (the capital and the largest city of the Indian state of Kerala), reports in the Indian media said.

The official website of Trivandrum International Airport, Kerala was taken down and the hackers posted a message on the main page ‘Kashmiri Cheetah’.

The website was restored hours after the hack.


Thiruvananthapuram airport authorities claimed that the website that was hacked was one developed by some regular passengers and was in no way connected to the airport.

“There is no separate website for the airport. The website which was hacked was being run by a private agency. The official details of the airport are posted on the website of the Airports Authority of India,” said George G Tharakan, director of the Trivandrum International Airport.

The Times Now reported that India’s weak cybersecuirty infrastructure has been criticised time and again by noted security experts from the country. India ranks among the top 10 countries, with a large number of cyber crimes, ranging from online harassment to fraud.




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