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Pakistani journalist may be grilled for Sunanda Pushkar murder

Sunanda Pushkar was mysteriously found dead in her room at a five star hotel last year in January, just one day after an online spat on Twitter with Mehr Tarar.

As is the case when two females usually quarrel, the argument was about Tarar’s alleged affair with Shashi Tharoor. According to Delhi police, no stone will be left unturned in apprehending the murderer who killed Sunanda Pushkar.

“If required, Shashi Tharoor will be questioned again,” Delhi police chief BS Bassi said. He also revealed that international help had been sought, particularly from the FBI to speed up the case. “We have asked the FBI to expedite the process of sending viscera report”.

Sunanda Pushkar with her husband Shashi Tharoor

Mehr was apparently aware of the ongoing media hype regarding Delhi Police’s statement, from which she wisely chose to stay away from. Here’s her latest response (which technically isn’t a response) to the ongoing situation.


SIT have so far questioned a good number of people, fifteen to be exact. Not more than a month ago, Pushkar’s son Shiv Menon was questioned by SIT regarding the relations between both husband and wife, Pushkar and Tharoor. The staff of the hotel where Pushkar was found dead(Leela Palace Hotel) was also questioned as well as Shashi Tharoor, the couples close friends and a couple of Indian journalists as well.



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