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Pakistani man strangles daughter to death for “honour” in Germany

The man had caught her daughter shoplifting sheaths with her forbidden boyfriend, hence he decided to kill her.

Asadullah Khan and his wife Shazia then dressed dead daughter Lareeb, a dental technician, in her clothes.

They then wheeled her in a wheelchair from their high-rise apartment to the family car, drove to a secluded embankment in their home city of Darmstadt in Germany, and tipped the corpse down it.

Father of the girl Asadullah Khan who is now facing murder trial.

Khan, 51, has admitted the killing because in his eyes she had brought ‘dishonour’ on the family with her love for a boy he didn’t approve of

He and his wife were wed in an arranged marriage and he wanted the same for her.

The man and his wife are on trial for murder at the State Court in Darmstadt. Shazia, 41, described how she was a downtrodden woman, totally in the thrall of her husband, and unable to save her daughter.

The court heard how the parents sent Lareeb’s sister Nida, 14, to a relative on the evening of the murder in January this year.



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