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Pakistani origin candidates who emerged victorious in UK elections

Naz Shah:

Naz Shah of Labour Party shocked the world by defeating renowned politician George Galloway in the elections from Bradford West by securing 19,977 votes against 8557.

She was nominated to contest the elections after the previous candidate Amina Ali decided not to contest the UK elections 2015.

Naz Shah, mother of three children, is known for campaigning for the release of her mother who was convicted for poisoning her husband after suffering domestic violence.

The winner is the chairperson of a mental health charity named Sharing Voices in Bradford.

Naz Shah (L) and George Galloway (R)

Imran Hussain:

Imran Hussain of Labour Party defeated Liberal Democrats’ representative David Ward to win the election from Bradford East.

Imran Hussain is also a regional councilor and is serving as deputy chairman of the council.

He had lost to George Galloway in the 2012 polls.

Sadiq Khan:

Sadiq Khan won the election on the ticket of Labour Party by defeating Conservative Party’s Dan Watkins from Tooting constituency.

He became the second Pakistani born British citizen to serve in the UK Government after he was appointed Minister of State for Communities by Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2008.

Khan also served the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor in 2010 and went to become the Shadow Minister for London in 2013.

Tasmina Ahmed – Sheikh:

Actress Tasmina Ahmed – Sheikh of Scottish National Party (SNP) defeated Gordon Banks of Labour Party from Ochil and South Perthshire constituency.

She founded the Scottish Asian Women’s Association (SAWA) and is also its chairperson. She has M.A degrees in  International Law, English Literature, Economics , Islamic History , French, Islamic Religion and Philosophy.

Sheikh also acquired a Bachelor of Law Degree (LLB) and a diploma in Legal Practice.

Yasmin Qureshi:

Yasmin Qureshi of Labour Party emerged victorious from Bolton South East constituency after securing 20,555 votes in the elections.

Yasmin Qureshi became the Member of Parliament for Bolton South East from the 2010 General Election till 2015.

Qureshi earned her BA (Hons) Law degree and went on to complete her Barrister at laws examinations at the Council of Legal Education. She also has Masters degree in Laws from University College in London.

She is also chairperson of All Party Parliamentary Group on International Justice and the Secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Yasmin also served as the co-ordinator of the Criminal Legal Unit from 2000-2001 for United Nations Mission in Kosovo.

Nusrat Ghani:

Conservative Party’s Nusrat Ghani defeated Peter Griffiths of United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) in the elections after securing 32,508 votes in Wealdon constituency.

Nusrat Ghani acquired her Masters degree in International Relations degree from Leeds University.

She managed the health policies of charitable organizations such as Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Age Concern.

Ghani has also fulfilled journalistic responsibilities in several of the world’s hostile regions such as Burma, Afghanistan and Russia.

Rehman Chishti:

Rehman Chishti was elected into the House of Commons on the ticket of Conservative Party from Gillingham and Rainham. He defeated Labour Party’s Paul Clark after securing 22,590 votes in the election.

Chishti has a law degree from the University of Wales Aberystwyth.

He has served as a Councillor for Gillingham North 2003 – 2007 and Rainham Central from 2007 – Present. He has also served as the Special Adviser to former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

Chishti has also raised money for charities by competing in marathons.

Khalid Mahmood:

Labour Party’s Khalid Mahmood emerged victorious by beating Charlotte Hodivala of Conservative Party as he secured 23,697 votes from Birmingham, Perry Bar.

He was selected to contest the elections for Labour Party in the 2001 while he was studying in the Birmingham City University. He became the first Muslim and Asian born British to win by nearly 9000 votes. He also became one of the youngester councilors of Birmingham.

Mahmood also played rugby in his early years.

Sajid Javid:

Conservative Party’s Sajid Javid won the election from Bromsgrove after defeating 28,133 votes against Tom Ebbutt of Labour Party.

He studied Economics and Politics from Exeter University.

Javid has served as Financial Secretary to the Teasury from October 2013 to April 2014. He is also working as the State Secretary since April of last year.

He is also a Vice President of Bromsgrove Rugby Football Club.

Shabana Mahmood:

Shabana Mahmood was elected into the Parliament on Labour Party’s tickets as she defeated Isabel Sigmac of the Conservatives after bagging 26,444 votes against 4576 from Birmingham, Ladywood constituency.

Mahmood has a BA (Hons) degree in Law from the University of Oxford (Lincoln College) and was awarded by the Ashurst Morris Crisp Prize for Best Performance in the Lawyer’s Ethics finals examination by the prestigious institute.

She created history by becoming one of the Asian and Muslim women to be elected into the Parliament in 2010 after beating her competitors by more than 10,000 votes.

On the other hand, Labour Party’s Anas Sarwar, son of former Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar lost the election from Glasgow Central to Alison Thewliss of SNP.

George Galloway faces defeat in Britain election by arynews



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