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Pakistani prisoners in Yemen fear for life

According to details, ARY News aired the footage of Pakistani prisoners Muhammad Siddique and Abdul Rahman in which they appealed the government to make efforts for their release from Yemen prison.

The inmates told that the rebels threatened to slaughter them in case another attack takes place on Yemen.

Both the prisoners bemoaned that what is their fault in the ongoing fight between different states. They questioned that why did the interior minister of Pakistan refuse to exchange prisoners from Yemen.

Rahman said that he was ‘innocent’, but the court sentenced him to death.

Meanwhile, the story aired at ARY News moved the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Interior, and it was said that measures will be taken to bring back Pakistanis detained at Yemen jails.

On the whole, there are 4000 Pakistani inmates at different prisons in the turbulent country facing air strikes and clashes between supporters of Hadi-government and the Youthi rebels.

Moreover, renowned social figure, Ansar Burney has also contacted the United Nations (UN) regarding the prisoners and the inmates are hopeful of their release.



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