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Pakistani woman scientist formulates ‘strategy’ to get clean water from wastewater

Lahore: First time in Pakistan, a female scientist has formulated a project that can separate clean water from the water that is often wasted.

Dr. Khalida Musarrat, the first female professor doctor in the entire SAARC region has found a way dirty underground water can be used in daily chores, in an era of extreme water shortage in the country.

She has initiated “Waste Water Segregation Strategy” to separate clean water from the polluted water in order to reuse it. The strategy also includes a system to maintain the quality of clean water and to further ensure that the water is not poisoned.

Lahore solely releases about 900,000,000 Liters of water every day. This procedure can enable a huge amount of water to be reused in various household things.

She is looking forward to the co-operation from the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, policymakers in the government and other influential people in this regard, to help her bring about a revolution in Pakistan.

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