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Pakistani ‘spy pigeon’ finds soulmate in India

Even spy pigeons can love!

According to the Indian media, the spy bird has found a companion in a male pigeon in Pathankot.

“The Pakistani pigeon was handed over to Ramanjeet Singh, a bird lover in Pathankot. Further, it said the pigeon allegedly from Pakistan is a ‘high flier bird bred for sport. On Tuesday, I bought a similar male pigeon for INR250 from a local seller to make the female pigeon from Pakistan stress-free,” Singh said.

“Piegons are among the birds that bond with each other very fast and this is the best way to end the Pakistani bird’s isolation and give her company,” said Ramanjeet. The bird lover and new owner of the Pakistani pigeon also revealed that he had been taking good care of the female pigeon, feeding her wheat, lentils, pigeon peas and black grams. Pathankot Senior Superintendent of Police Rakesh Kaushal also revealed info about the man who had caught the Pakistani pigeon, stating that he had planned to keep the bird when he had caught it. However, he had become scared when he discovered Urdu writing on the bird’s feathers.

Allegedly, when a wire-like object attached to the bird’s body was discovered,  it caused a hue and cry among Indian authorities, leading them to the ridiculous conclusion that the bird had been sent from Pakistan to spy on India. The pigeon was sent for an X-ray, which failed to reveal any clues about the bird’s involvement in spying.

It’s nice to know that after being subjected to defamation, the bird has finally been awarded with a suitable male companion!



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