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Pakistani surprises Dubai with exemplary deed of honesty

A Pakistani immigrant by the name of Muhammad Alam surprised all in Dubai by returning a lost packet of about 150,000 dirhams to its actual owner after finding it abandoned in an ATM machine.

According to details, Muhammad Alam, an employee of a local organization in Dubai entered an ATM machine to deposit some money into his account where he found a bundle of atleast 150,000 dirhams.

The honest Pakistani went straight to the police station with the packet where the Sudanese owner of the money was also present to launch a First Information Report (F.I.R).

Leaving the Sudanese and the police in awe, Alam returned the packet full of dirham to its actual owner.

The Sudanese owner of the money said that he went to deposit the money but forgot the packet at ATM machine.

The Dubai Police Department organized a news conference in Alam’s  honour and showered praise upon the poor Pakistani for his exemplary act of honesty.

The honest Pakistani immigrant Muhammad Alam earns only 3500 dirhams in a month.



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