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Pakistanis defiant of terrorism in country

On Sunday, at least 72 people including women and children were killed after a suicide bomber blew himself up in Lahore’s Gulshan Iqbal Park. A large number of Christians were also present at the park who were busy with Easter celebrations.

The tragic incident saddened Muslims and Christians alike, who stood up and thronged hospitals to donate block and help the victims in any of the ways, in an expression to defy inhuman terrorists.

The response was so much so that the hospitals and blood banks had to display messages of having enough blood in stock, so the masses could disperse and may not become a hurdle in the way of patients and their care-takers movement unintentionally.

People on Monday also held vigils in different cities remembering the victims of Lahore tragedy.

Vigil held for Lahore bombing victims

Below are some messages by ordinary Pakistanis on social media:



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