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Pakistan’s bond with Kashmir etched in blood, Modi a mass murderer: SAPM Awan

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Media and Broadcast, talking to the media during a rally and procession held in the capital to show solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir who are currently held hostage by India said that Pakistan’s bond with Kashmir is etched in blood.

SAPM Awan during the occasion lauded the participants for showing up in droves to show their unity with their Kashmiri brethren who are under a continuous siege for the 19th day, imposed on them by occupation forces of India.

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The minister said that India has crossed all limits with regards to the disputed territory and has wreaked havoc on the innocent residents who have been living under constant threat and fear of genocide.

“Kashmiris are fortified in their homes, if they dare step out they would have to contend with multiple Indian Army soldiers who have been given orders to unleash hell on them,” said Awan.

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“The world must wake up to the reality of Modi, he is a mass murderer,” added Awan.

Previously, Firdous Ashiq Awan, in her Twitter messages, slammed the cleric Maulana Fazl, that he had enjoyed protocol and perks as the chairman of Kashmir Committee for many years and he should present details of efforts for the independence of Kashmiris during his tenure.

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“The curfew, which had been imposed on Kashmiris by [Indian prime minister] Narendra Modi, seems made an impact on your [Maulana Fazl’s] language. Why is the Maulana talking against the national interests instead of criticising Modi [illegal steps in occupied Jammu and Kashmir].”

She added that Prime Minister Imran Khan has emerged as the true representative of Kashmiris around the world as he had set an example for all to highlight the Kashmir issue. Awan clarified that Pakistan has grabbed diplomatic victory in UN Security Council session and defeated the Indian diplomacy.



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