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Pakistan’s Darkest Day

In England, the front pages of all the newspapers are covered with the incidence,  it has also appeared on every TV/radio news channel.  Throughout the entire world the media has been shocked by this inexplicable act of violence.

We would like to send our deepest sympathies to all the parents and families affected by this tragedy in Peshawar.  It is not just Pakistan mourning, but the whole world mourns with you. This is an international tragedy. The appalling attack is a horrific act of evil.

In these days of mourning we all must focus our prayers and thoughts for those who lost their lives, their parents and families and for the future of Pakistan.

Peshawar, you are not alone the whole world’s prayers and thoughts are with you during this extremely challenging time.

No religion of the world allows this type of violence. These cruel acts are totally unacceptable in Islam. Our society must not dehumanise this situation and just move on. We must remember , reflect and develop strategies for peace. Let us focus on the principles of Quaid-I- Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and aim for the ‘Land of the Pure’  Pakistan.

By: Dr I Malik



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