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Pakistan’s democratic process must not derail, stresses President

The president’s address marks the beginning of a new parliamentary year and is mandatory under the Constitution.

Congratulating the people of Pakistan and parliamentarians on completing three democratic years, he said the government could not afford to make mistakes when things have started to become stable in Pakistan.


Hussain insisted that sustainable development is not possible without stable democracy, saying the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has successfully guided the country on the path towards progress.

“With the nation’s support, we will not allow anyone to derail the existing democratic system of the country,” the president clarified.

Referring to the Panama Papers Leak, he stressed that the opposition cannot impose its will on the government through meaningless tactics.

Pakistan’s foreign policy (designed on the Jinnah’s views) works on three principles, Hussain said, “Constructive diplomacy, non-interference, and trade and economic cooperation”.

Shedding light on the decade-long Kashmir dispute, he also discussed the status of Pakistan’s current relationships with its neighbours.

The president said, “We believe Kashmir issue is the cause of tension in the region that needs to be resolved as per the UN resolutions”.

“We have conveyed in the last year’s UN General Assembly session that we are open to continued talks with our neighbours,” he said.

Hussain added, “We do not wish to be aggressive towards any nation and intend to participate with honesty in national and global affairs”.

Commenting on the military actions in the country he said, “I am positive that the objectives of ‘Operation Zarb-i-Azb’ will be achieved soon.

President Hussain reiterated the government’s will to overcome challenges and stabilise democracy by ensuring the rule of law and economic developments in the country.

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