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Pakistan’s first female taxi driver Zahida Kazmi, fraught with medical worries

Zahida Kazmi came into the national spotlight almost four years ago when she became Pakistan’s first female taxi driver. Undaunted with the stereotypes that came with it being seen only as a man’s job, Zahida continued to earn her bread by driving people around, often picking them from airports.

However, impediments in the form of diseases have refrained Zahida Kazmi from performing her duties. After surviving a recent brain haemorrhage, she is also battling menaces such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These medical ailments have proven to be obstacles for Zahida, who cannot travel the long distances she used to between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Zahida’s medical treatment is costly and she has had to pay for it. She sold off her car to pay for her medical bills and does not own the cab that she drove. Zahida┬áhas been warned that if she does not take the prescribed dose of medicines, she could suffer from renal failure.

Zahida’s monthly income roughly amounts to Rs 7,000 which is not enough even to cover her household expenses. Zahida has to also pay for the school fee of her little daughter Zahra, aged 10 years and that amounts to Rs 4,000. Her landlords do not charge rent from her and that is of some relief for the woman. However, Zahida has been unable to pay for her daughter’s school fee which has resulted in the school serving a default notice to her.

Zahida has come up with a solution, though. She has decided to provide pick-and-drop service to schoolchildren nearby her area. However, for that to take place, Zahida must buy a van first.

In order to help her out, some individuals have created a Facebook page to aid her in securing a van. The page can be viewed by opening this link:-




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