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Pakistan’s textile exports face decline

Due to this decline the textile export is limited to do $3.41 billion business which was around $3.56 billion at the same time last year.  According to the monthly report of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics PBC raw cotton faced 23.90%, cotton thread 21.78%, cotton fabric 13.52% and Bed wear faced 3.27% decline in their export in the first quarter of this year. Whereas, the production in following sectors net wear 11.16%, towels 3.65%, camps and tarpaulin 157.96% and ready-made garment 2.78% have been increased.

According to the report a decline was also seen in the export of all edible products during July-September.  Accumulatively, food group’s export has decreased to 10.05 percent, rice 10.34%, fish products 8.17%, fruits 16.38%, vegetables 45.46%, lentils 100%, wheat 99.75%, spices 1.60%, Oil seeds 41.02%, meat products 21.71% and other food item’s export were affected by 13.02%.

Only export of sugar was increased by 139.16 percent.



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