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Man apprehended ahead of flying homemade airplane in Pakpattan

PAKPATTAN: Police here on Monday arrested a man moments before his homemade aeroplane could take off from a road, ARY News reported. 

A resident of Pakpattan, Mohammad Fayaz had indigenously designed an aircraft using readily available materials and was preparing to fly it in the Rang Shah neighbourhood of Pakpattan, but the Police seized his aeroplane and arrested him.

The police registered a First Information Report (FIR), a copy of which was seen by ARY News. According to the FIR, Fayaz was apprehended for building an aircraft without a ‘permit’ and ‘performing aerobatics’ in the makeshift flying machine.

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The police said that when they arrived on the scene, his machine was landing, however, it was learnt from sources that he was arrested before he could take-off.

Fayyaz was later produced before a local court where he was fined Rs3000 and released on bail.

Later, while talking to ARY News, the man, a labourer by profession, said that he had approached ‘security departments’ before flying, but he says he was ridiculed.

“Civil Aviation Authority and other institutions should support and encourage me so I can fly the plane that I have built”, he said.

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