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PAKvsIND: 10 Memes to tickle your funny bone!

After Sunday’s encounter between India and Pakistan, the whole nation is scratching its head in unison and wondering as to how Akmal makes the squad despite his follies? After dropping Kohli and scoring below 10, it’s safe to say the only befitting punishment for Akmal would be to, yeah you guessed it, DROP him!

Any match the boys play in is a matter of life and death! When Misbah XI walks out to the pitch, it’s not a stadium, it’s a battle zone! Every match won, is a pocketed skirmish for the Pakistani fans. Hmm, does that mean a Man of the match equals the Tamgha-e-Shujaat?

With almost 400 ODIs under his belt, Lala could only muster an average of 23.57. We don’t know what’s rarer; a rainstorm in Dubai or Afridi actually contributing with the bat!

We’ll admit it- the ‘Phor de’ ad got us really good! But that doesn’t mean we can’t come up with wisecracks of our own! Especially when Pakistan was the groom and India was the bangle-clad bride!

Maybe actress Meera’s offer to supper with the Pakistani star of the hyped up match, was what actually de-motivated the boys. I don’t see why though. Meera’s finesse with English language is one thing our lads and she has in common!

Pakistan’s batting woes are a secret no more. Why bother? Afridi and Misbah seem to have it all figured out on how to restrict Indian batsmen from piling on a ton. If you can’t beat em, join em!

The Captain calm seldom shows any signs of exhilaration or excitement, except probably when Kohli gets dismissed! However, those shoulders slump back into position once it’s Dhoni who straps on his pads. Poor Misbah, his luck always seems to come as late as his boundaries!

Remember when kids used to roll out their tongues in response to any insult they couldn’t reply back to? Well, here’s what us Pakistanis have to say whenever we lose to India in a world cup. Burns, doesn’t it India?

An India-Pakistan world cup match is the final itself! With a billion people glued to their screens, there are millions praying in India the gentleman above doesn’t light up the sky for a good four more years! Across the border, fans are too tired of the dust accumulating on those firecrackers!

It’s simple, boys! Just do it like PK did and you won’t get slapped. (For runs, that is!). PK makes a better bowling coach than Waqar, mind you!



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