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Panama leaks ended rifts within PTI: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf members had been time and again denying reports that divisions and groups existed within the party. However, PTI chief Imran Khan finally admitted that there were reservations and apprehensions among his party members for each other when he said that the Panama leaks had proved to be a good thing for the party.

Last week, Shah Mahmood Qureshi had publicly criticised Jahangir Tareen and said he would rather quit politics than receive a ticket from him. Then, reports also started doing the rounds that Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar was quite upset with some party members and had decided to leave for London. Following this outburst, Imran was forced to cancel the party elections.

Imran apologised again for the harassment of females that took place during the PTI’s Islamabad rally and said that from now on, such incidences will not take place. The PTI chief also said that those who had misbehaved with women at the rally had been identified and would be punished in accordance with the law.



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