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Panama Papers a ‘RAW conspiracy’: Rehman Malik

Rehman Malik, commenting on the Panama Papers, said that the company named Petroline International was set up in her exile days and the project was closed down due to the losses.

The former interior minister said that Petroline never paid any comission to any individual or the regime of Saddam Hussein which was against the United Nations laws.

“A similiar kind of fake report was published by a newspaper back in 2009 and now Indian Express’ RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) lobby has now copy-pasted it,” he added.

World leaders, stars of the pitch and screen and dozens of billionaires were among those named and shamed in what looks to be the biggest ever leak of inside information in history.

Covering 40 years of emails, financial records and passport details, an investigation by more than 100 media groups shows how some of the world’s most powerful people have secreted away their money in offshore jurisdictions.



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