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“We will not say ‘go Nawaz go'”: Shah on Panamagate

“He (PM) should come to the Parliament on Monday. We would ask some questions, it is upon him whether to respond or not,” the opposition leader said while addressing a soft-toned press conference in Karachi.

“The questions include when and how offshore entities were established and from where the money was obtained for it,” he explained. “The opposition also seeks clarification on taxes and returns.”

Shah said that Panamagate has caused a storm in world politics, with two heads of states resigning and another giving hours-long clarification in the Parliament.

Urging Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to cooperate with the opposition, he said: “We will not say ‘go Nawaz go'”.

We do not have personal enmity with him, said the opposition leader, assuring the PM of not to disgrace him in the House.

Lamenting that the rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer in the country, he called for ‘accountability of all, not just the PM’.

Referring to opposition’s questionnaire, Khursheed Shah said this was the best opportunity for Nawaz Sharif, else the issue is not going to resolve.

To a query, he said dictators had a big role in corrupting democratic politicians.



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