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Panamagate verdict: Who wins, who loses, celebrations puzzle people

The split-judgment of the Supreme Court in Panama Papers case carried an order seeking formation of joint investigation team to probe offshore wealth sources of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family – but the ‘joyful’ response from the opposition and the government in their respective camps has left people scratching their heads.

Mr. Sharif and his children had been accused of graft in an ongoing case that had threatened to topple the prime minister after the Panama Papers leak last year linked the family to offshore business.

Shortly after the verdict announcement, prime minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz took to twitter and shared pictures of the PML-N high-ups congratulating each other in what they declare as ‘victory’.

In the same fashion, PTI members also shared images of their leader exchanging sweets in apparent ‘celebration of their perceived triumph’ on the micro-blogging website.

Felicitation in both the camps left Twitterati baffled, prompting them question the rationale of celebrations when the court verdict didn’t actually let the defendants in the Panama case go scot-free.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:


This ‘confused’ guy logs in to Twitter for help — #PanamaCase



‘Forecasting’ PM’s fate

Yes, someone should explain this guy the reason behind celebrations

He dares to question, at least what it looks so

And this person jumps the bandwagon!

Is it really a match drawn?

And this guy has some humour!



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