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Panamanian Vice Minister for Economy says he met Pakistan’s FInance Minister

According to details, the Panamanian Vice Minister of Economy Ivan Zarak was asked by a journalist regarding who visited him in relevance of the Panama papers’ controversy to which he disclosed that Pakistan’s Finance Minister had held a meeting with him.

What did Dar and Zarak talk about was not revealed by the Panamanian minister. The government has been under tremendous pressure after the recent Panama papers revealed how world leaders, politicians and celebrities from around the world stash money in offshore companies. The uproar caused due to the Panama leaks controversy has forced the Prime Minister of Iceland to step down.

In Pakistan, opposition parties led by PTI have demanded Nawaz Sharif’s resignation, while Imran Khan has stated that the Prime Minister has lost the moral authority needed to govern the country. Sharif is currently in London where he is expected to meet PPP’s Asif Ali Zardari and seek his political support to avert the current crisis he is entrenched in.




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