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WATCH: Parachutist gets yellow card over landing on pitch during soccer match

WARSAW: In a bizarre incident, a parachutist was shown a yellow card by the referee over landing in the middle of a soccer pitch during a match in Poland.

In a video that went viral on social media, the parachutist can be seen flying across the pitch at speed before landing on the half-way line.


The astonished soccer players from Olimpia Elbag and PISA Primavera Barczewo stopped their match and the referee saw the funny side by showing the parachutist a yellow card.

A man then rushed onto the pitch and helped the parachutist gather his chute before the pair walked off the pitch.

The game only resumed after the invader gathered up his parachute, with some help from staff, and was escorted off the field.


As the PISA Primavera Barczewo players made an attacking run and moved up the pitch in Elblag, the airborne invader made an unexpected appearance – and nearly flew into an Olimpia Elblag player.

The players took evasive action and moved out of the way and the football commentator began laughing at the bizarre situation, Mail Online reported.

After the interruption, the match resumed and Olimpia came out on top 6-3.

Social media users have reacted to the interruption with some saying that the parachutists deserved a red card instead.



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