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Adventure goes wrong as paraglider crashes into ski lift cable

A paraglider faced serious trouble when he crashed into a lift cable in seconds after taking off along a picturesque ski jump while filming his adventurous move in Cordon, France.

The video was published online by the name of Air BASEboy with the caption on YouTube: ‘Paragliding Skiing Accident,’ which showed the man crashed and stuck into a lift cable just after taking off while skis down the icy slope.

According to Daily Mail, his shadow to the left of the clip shows him getting higher and higher into the air. As he soars above the skiers below him, the cable comes into view. A loud crashing sound is heard as he hits it, sending his skis swinging up towards his head. The fabric wing appears to be stuck on the cable as he loosely swings over the snow.

The footage then cuts to show the view from behind as he takes off. The daredevil veers towards the right before the cords connecting his wing to his harness come into contact with the cable.

A snowmobile can be seen underneath him before it zooms off towards the chalet at the top of the slope. The trapped paraglider kicks off his skis after a skier down below speaks to him.

One of his skis gets caught in the cords and he tries to get it free. When this doesn’t work, he hoists it back up towards him, untangles it and lets it drop to the floor.

Three people standing by a snowmobile are then seen slowly lowering him down. The video ends with his parachute falling on top of him.



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