Parents repent and take back 'abandoned children'

KARACHI: Parents of the six abandoned children at Edhi Home repented and took their children back to their home, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

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The six children who were disowned by the very same parents, Irshad and Zubeda over differences between them and poverty were returned by the Edhi Home as the parents pledged to take good care of the poor souls.

The father of the children vowed before media that he will work hard and raise his children in a befitting manner.

He claimed that his wife’s parents were unhappy over their love marriage and avenged their grudge by separating his children from him.

While Zubeda, the mother claimed that she only had a minor dispute with her husband which is now resolved.

Edhi Home administration maintained that the children are given back to their parents on the assurance of their good conduct with the children in the future.

The sad incident of abandoning children by deceiving them into believing that they are being taking to their grandparents’ house occured on February 4, 2015 when upon watching the news on ARY News, Sindh governor contacted Edhi Center and took responsibility of the children.

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Parents repent and take back 'abandoned children'

by Anees Hanif