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#ParisAttacks leads to outpouring of support and solidarity from Pakistanis on social media

Some also made their own images to show solidarity with Parisians. A common theme among these expressions of support seemed to be that Pakistan itself had been a victim of terrorist attacks so its citizens could well relate to what the people of Paris were going through.

The hashtag #ParisAttacks was trending at number 1 in Pakistan all day long, as it was in the rest of the world.

Interestingly, an office-bearer of the Jamaatud Dawa also tweeted about the attack but blamed it on the US, adding that they were done to target Muslims.





The real message of #Allah and #Islam. We abhor all kind of terrorists. Don’t associate us with them #ParisAttacks pic.twitter.com/gYNkCkN9Zf — Mumtaz Hayat Maneka (@Mumtazz_Maneka) November 14, 2015




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