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Kamal terms Altaf-Sattar partnership ‘unbreakable’

“They are partners-in-crime. Farooq Sattar should stop lying lest I lose my patience of respect,” he said while talking to media at his party secretariat in Karachi.

He said whatever he had been saying for the last six months, Altaf Hussain had marked it as a fact through his speech on August 22.

Kamal said patriotism was invoked into Sattar and his company after watching reaction of Pakistanis over anti-state speech. The more they will tell lie, the more we will speak truth. Sattar knew it very well that Altaf was an agent on Indian intelligence agency, RAW.

He said Farooq Sattar and all his co-workers were saying yes-sir, yes-sir when Altaf was chanting anti-Pakistan slogans and instigating workers to attack on media houses.

“Nobody tried to stop him even after listening to anti-Pakistan slogans. Sattar said this today as well to look into Altaf’s speech and his apology letter. Later, he will call for exonerating him and then the party constitution will be brought back into its previous form then what could we do?” he said.

Kamal said all were talking about attacking media houses on August 22, nobody told what was plan for the next day. He said the founder of MQM had directed to gather 0.1 million women workers to storm director general Sindh Rangers office the next day on August 23.




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