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Parts of Delhi airport closed after radioactive leak

NEW DELHI: A radioactive leak occurred allegedly from a medical shipment at cargo terminal of Indira Gandhi International Airport here, prompting authorities to cordon off the area.

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) was called to the spot for immediate inspection.

“A call was received from the airport around 10.45am regarding suspected radioactive leak from medical equipment,” said the chief fire officer as quoted by the Times of India.

He said the equipment had come from Air France plane and was kept at the cargo terminal.

The suspected radioactive leak at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport was very minute and came from cancer medicines that were being transferred by an Air France Aircraft.

According to reports, the all-clear had later been given by the National Disaster Management Authority.

While NDTV reported that the officials were still conducting tests to confirm if the leak is radioactive or not. Even if the leak turns out to be radioactive, it is not dangerous if a safe distance of around 3 meters is maintained from the package.



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