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Pasni Radar Attack: Assailants fled away killing a guard

PASNI: Unknown miscreants tried to destroy the radar system located here on Saturday by firing several rockets on it, whilst a security guard deployed there was also killed during ambush with assailants – ARY News reports.

According to Levies sources, several armed assailants raged an attack on the radar system situated in Pasni, a coastal city of Balochistan, who fired several rockets at the system, yet could not destroy it.

Armed assailants also tried to capture the barracks of security personnel deployed there, yet they had to face strong resistance. An exchange of fire took place between the culprits and security men, as a result of which a guard was killed, whilst the attackers managed to flee away from there.

Soon after the incident, additional contingents of security forces rushed to the radar system and took control of the vicinity.



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