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Passenger shamed by fellow passenger for filming airhostess during flight

According to a Facebook post, which also featured a video clip (and a lengthy caption which narrated the entire incident), comedian Junaid Akram took matters into his own hands when a fellow Pakistani passenger had filmed an air hostess on board, from his mobile phone.

Junaid stated in his Facebook post how he had watched the entire scenario unfold as an air hostess screamed at a passenger and snatched his phone from him, when she came to know he was filming her whilst she went about her duties. The passenger denied the act, but she took his phone to her station and deleted the video clip. Since nobody on board the flight bothered to humiliate or rebuke the passenger for his disgusting act, Junaid took matters in his own hand and feigned the appearance of a security official, threatening legal measures against the apologetic passenger.


Today, I flew out of Dubai en route Karachi on Shaheen Airline’s NL737. A fellow passenger was caught filming the…

Posted by Junaid Akram on Thursday, May 7, 2015



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