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Caught on CCTV cam: Passerby catches kid who fell from fourth floor balcony

After returning home from the market, little Kaan Kurtcuoglu wandered on to the balcony of his unit in Turkey while his mother sorted out the grocery bags.

Local media reported that the child fell and was hanging on to the edge of the balcony while his mother screamed for help.


A crowd quickly formed below the apartment and local man Omer Yildiz rushed to help after hearing the commotion.

“I’m so happy that he survived.”




As little Kaan lost his grip, he hit the balcony of the apartment below and the sunshade of a ground-floor business before falling into Mr Yildiz’s arms.

“I saw the baby dangling from the balcony. He let go of the balcony despite our warnings and I caught the baby,” he told local media outlet Anadolu Agency.

CCTV footage captured the incredible moment on camera, showing a small crowd of men gathering under the balcony to catch the distressed child.

Kaan was rushed to hospital after the fall suffering injuries to his face however he was discharged after receiving treatment.

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