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PAT submits details of assets to ECP

The party has also requested to the ECP for allotment of an election symbol.

According to the details of assets submitted to the ECP, the total assets of the party are around 1.4 million including Rs. two lac office furniture and Rs. one lac sundry articles.

The party owns a vehicle valued at 0.8 million, while over 37,000 rupees have been in the bank account.

Election Symbol

The election commission has rejected the request of PAT for the party’s opted election symbol. PAT had requested for allotment of ‘Tractor’, ‘Crescent and Star’ or ‘Hockey’ as election symbol to the party.

The election commission rejecting the party’s choice of election symbol has informed the party officials that the requested symbols have already been allotted to other political parties. The commission has offered the party ‘Almirah’ as election symbol, which was previously allotted to PTI in elections.



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