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Pathankot attack: Modalities being worked out for Pakistan JIT visit to India

During the weekly media briefing, FO spokesperson, Nafees Zakaria said that Pakistan took all necessary measures on the basis of preliminary information provided by India pertaining to Pathankot terrorist attack.

When asked about Pakistan cricket team tour to India to play T20 world Cup, he said we strongly believes in people-to-people contact and sports afford an opportunity to that end.

“Our cricket team will participate in the T20 World Cup and it is the responsibility of the Indian Government to provide them security,” he noted.

Answering a question about US apprehensions regarding Pakistan’s nuclear programme, he said: Pakistan’s nuclear deterrence is to deter any aggression against its territorial integrity.

“It is for the defence of Pakistan and its people,” Zakaria mentioned. ”As a responsible nuclear state, Pakistan has invested in ensuring nuclear safety, nuclear security and robust command and control system.”

Asked how Pakistan sees supply of arms to Daesh by India, he said the UN Security Council makes it an obligation for all member states to prevent direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer of arms to Daesh.

To another query, the spokesperson answered recalling that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif paid a bilateral visit to Iran and had extended invitation to the Iranian president to visit Pakistan.

A return visit of their leadership is contemplated, he added.

He said the Quadrilateral process is continuing satisfactorily and progressing well.

It started in December and four rounds have already been held by now, said Zakaria. All the four countries have expressed their satisfaction with the quadrilateral process.

Moreover, the spokesperson said that the case of Aafia Siddiqui has been taken up with the United States and consular assistance has constantly been provided to her.



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