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PBA kicks off investigations of 'TAM tampering' by a private media house

PBA in a press release said that it took notice of the alleged viewership tampering on August 1, while today’s meeting of the Board of Directors was the fourth one of this series, after Medialogic complaint regarding tampering of ratings by a private channel.

The PBA noted that all types of disinformation was being spread regarding TAM tampering which adversely affected the credibility of electronic media and advertising agencies.

The release further stated that instead of resolving the issue within the PBA ambit, Medialogic and a private media outlet started confronting each other publicly, which is tantamount to giving a setback to the entire media industry.

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“PBA condemns this act of both parties,” it added.

The broadcasting authority advised both sides to stop campaigning against each other and let it decide about the issue meritoriously.



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