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PCB suspends Mohammad Nawaz for two months

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Wednesday suspended all-rounder Mohammad Nawaz for two months for  failing to disclose an approach by a bookmaker to engage in corrupt practices, ARY News reported.

According to a statement released by PCB, the all-rounder who plays for the national side and Quetta Gladiators (a Pakistan Super League franchise) Nawaz would also pay to the PCB a fine of Rs 200,000.

It was alleged that Nawaz had, on one occasion, failed to disclose to the PCB Vigilance and Security Department (without unnecessary delay) full details of the approaches and invitations received by him to engage in corrupt conduct thus violating the article 2.4.4 of PCB’s anti-corruption code.

Nawaz submitted his written statement admitting the charges leveled against him by PCB and appeared for subsequent meetings with PCB on 16th May 2017 to properly explain his case.

The following “Agreed Sanction” is being imposed on Nawaz:

i. A period of Ineligibility/suspension of two (02) months has been imposed on Nawaz, (First month suspension has commenced from 16th May 2017): one (01) month of which will be suspended upon fulfillment of the following additional conditions.

That there is no further/additional breach of the PCB Code by Nawaz after commencement of the period of Ineligibility; and no previous breach of the PCB Code by MN comes to light. If any such breach(es) take place the PCB shall reserve the right to initiate separate and independent proceedings against Nawaz under the PCB Code.

That Nawaz, over the next six months, participates under the auspices of PCB in programs of Anti-Corruption education, which may include amongst other things, delivering lectures on Anti-Corruption at such places and to such audiences as the PCB Vigilance and Security Department deems fit; and that Nawaz would pay to the PCB a fine of PKR. 200,000/- (Pakistan Rupees Two Lacs Only).

ii. During the period of Ineligibility Nawaz’s central contract executed with PCB shall stand suspended and no new contract shall be offered to him.



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