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Peace delegates meet Taliban Shura'a, put forth Gov't suggestions

WAZIRISTAN: The delegation of the Taliban committee for peace talks has met the political shura'a of the banned militant outfit and informed it about the suggestions put forth by the government of Pakistan. It was further told that the negotiations committee will return with the suggestions by Taliban – ARY News reports.

According to details, the Taliban announced committee for peace talks flown to Miranshah through a chopper from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). The delegation met the political shura'a of Taliban, headed by Qari Shakeel.

The negotiations team included Professor Ibrahim, Yousuf Shah and Molana Haseeb, whereas political agent of Miranshah, Siraj Khan was also accompanied the committee.

During the meeting, the committee put forward Government's suggestions before Taliban and inquired them about their demands.

Earlier to this, peace delegates upon their arrival in Miranshah, were given a briefing at teh office of the political administration, after which the convoy had set out for meeting Taliban shura'a.

Yousuf Shah, before leaving for Miranshah, had met the Khateeb of Laal Masjid, Molana Abdul Aziz and requested him to remain on-board in the negotiations process.

Aziz though had expressed his approval, yet he was not taken along with the committee.



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