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Peace yet to find; Gov't, Taliban teams meet internal disputes

ISLAMABAD: Disputes amongst the representative committees of the Government and Taliban have surfaced clearly after a member of Taliban committee was not invited in today's meet between both the peace committees – ARY News reports.

According to details, an informal meeting between the two committees was held on Tuesday at the residence of Major (R) Muhammad Amir, member of the Taliban committee, Molana Abdul Aziz was not invited at the meeting.

Sources told that one of the members of Government team for peace talks, had forced for not inviting Molana Abdul Aziz at the meeting, due to which the Laal Masjid Khateeb failed to attend the sitting.    

Molana Abdul Aziz when asked, told that he is not invited at the meetings held today and the one taking place tomorrow.

Prior to this, Molana Abdul Aziz was also criticized by the members of Government team for his stance over Taliban's demand of Shariah, due to which Aziz had warned of his separation from the peace process.                                                                                   



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